Mazda Old Collection of the year

Mazda Old Collection of the year
Mazda Old Collection of the year

theory is that rain and humidity don't cause cars to deteoriate as much as road salt. I think that is what caused cars in my home country, England, to rust away prematurely. Yes there are a lot of rusty old cars here (and I think, no equivalent to the MoT test, or whatever it's called now) but they last longer than cars of an equivalent age in colder climes.

1941 Dodge Classic

1941 Dodge Classic

This 1941 Dodge Classic all about   fascination with old cars.
buying opportunity with classic car traders
Finding Classic Car Parts

How to Find Classic Car Parts
If you are the owner of an old classic car, you have to know the exact model of your car. This will greatly help you find parts for your car. You have to think of the parts since they might be a little bit expensive than newer parts of car. Think about the law of supply and demand. The production of these parts has been stopped for years and surely its supplies are very limited. The demands for this kind of parts are high and the price will go up.
1932 Buick Old Car Classic
1932 Buick Old Car Classic

A New York man retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15 years; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs.

The house was sold to pay taxes.
There had been several lookers, but the large barn had steel doors, and they had been welded shut. Nobody wanted to go to the extra expense to see what was in the barn, and it wasn't complimentary to the property anyway... so, nobody made an offer on the place.

The NY guy bought it at just over half of the property's worth; moved in, and set about to tear in to the barn - curiosity was killing him. So, he and his wife bought a generator and a couple of grinders... and cut thru the welds.

What was in the barn? Don't miss it
Dennis Mitosinka's Classic Car Appraisals
619 E. Fourth Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 953-5303
(45 miles from us)

AAG - Auto Appraisal Group Thomas Peluso - Agent
19 Las Cruces
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
(800) 848-2886 Office
(949) 888-5057 Home
(60 miles from us)

Collectible Auto Appraisal Service Jerry James - Appraiser
917 Harvard Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 626-4901
Res. (909) 626-3646
(15 miles from us)

California Dream Cars Robert Patricca - Appraiser
18441 Parthenia Place
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 718-9654
(72 miles from us)

For additional appraisers and inspectors see Hemmings Motor News, Old Car Weekly and all of the Trader Publications relating to collectible cars. While all the above have proved to be knowledgeable professionals, I do not endorse, recommend or suggest any of these agents and encourage you to call them or any other you may select, to find one that meets your need.

Characteristically they perform an in depth inspection of the vehicle inside, outside, underside, photograph it and do a test-drive. They write written reports with digital photographs included then mail or e-mail them to you.

The cost of their services varies, based on the distance they travel and time spent with vehicle. They start at approx. $125 for an inspection and verbal phone report to you, and go up from there if you wish a written report with photos. I assist them by making prompt appointments, day or night and offer lifts, tools, lighting or any other inspection equipment they may require.

While this added expense to you may seem unnecessary, it is money well spent when the vehicle you acquire rolls off that delivery truck just as you had it described to you, and you will have no disappointments.
Our goal is to provide for the collector a place to visit in a relaxed atmosphere, to buy, sell, or trade some of the most desired vehicles in the world. Here in the heart of Las Vegas, we offer comfortable surroundings and all of our transactions are conducted in a private and discreet manner.

Open to the public daily, The Auto Collections is one of the top tourist stops in Las Vegas as it features hundreds of automotive treasures from the past. One never knows what they will be seeing when they visit the world's finest classic car showroom. Visitors could see up close and personal, Johnny Carson's 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan which he drove to his high school senior prom or the 1938 Cadillac Series 90 V-16 Fleetwood Limousine which was purchased and built new for Legendary Comedian, W.C. Fields. This car was often seen at the street corner of Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood, California. This was the spot that W.C. Fields, Carlotta Monti and secretary, Magna Mitchell would hold court. To keep the threesome busy this car had an electric martini mixer installed, probably an automotive first!

For those who prefer the rarest of the premiere classic automobiles, historic cars like a one-of-a-kind 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Mayfair Special Roadster, a wide assortment of legendary Duesenbergs or a 1957 Jaguar XKSS which is valued at more than $7,000,000 are always found on the floor of The Auto Collections. More than just a tourist attraction or museum, this is a working collection of vehicles where every car on display can be purchased. A knowledgeable sales staff is on hand daily to answer questions regarding the history and background of each vehicle, and to assist in putting together a sale of one of the featured cars on display.